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New Books and Records

the developing book nook ..

We have been busy getting some new space ready for books, holding our sci-fi and YA titles right now.. here is a sneak peak


New Release: Nine Inch Nails, ‘Bad Witch’

Coming from one of the ’90s most notorious perfectionists, this music has a startling roughness. Breakbeats enter and cut abruptly. Rattles and buzzes predominate. Melodic motifs recur like the whole thing’s being hammered out as the tape rolls. Reznor, who recently turned 53, sounds like he’s driven by new energy, taking pleasure in embracing unfamiliar or long-abandoned textures. Both the brevity and raggedness work in his favor, evoking in spirit if not sound the recent political records by PJ Harvey. If her artistic ideal involved allowing listeners to literally gaze upon her creative processBad Witch attempts to provide a similar portrait of the artist. It feels proudly like a work in progress. Read more at


New Release: Florence and the Machine, ‘High As Hope’

“In this album, unlike her previous ones, 31-year old Welch looks back on her party days, having come out the other side: older, calmer, and (somewhat) at peace with herself. Consequently, the album’s sound is stripped back – often down to just vocals, a few piano chords, and some percussion – while the lyrics are Welch’s most open and revealing so far. We’ve taken a look at the biggest talking points from ‘High As Hope.’