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Gift Ideas for the Music Lover in Your Life

Do you have a friend or loved one who is into vinyl records? Do you KNOW they would love something related to vinyl but have no idea what they have in their collection? Fear not, we got you covered! At Millpond we stock of variety of vinyl-themed gift ideas and accessories for those record-obsessed people in your life. Whether they just got their turntable set up and are starting to build the collection, or are members of the very exclusive club of people that never got rid of their vinyl to start with and have been collecting for decades – we have something for you. We present here, the Millpond Vinyl-Lover Gift Idea Master List (the MVLGIML if you will):

1. Spin Clean

A spin clean is a record cleaning kit that uses a combination of water, brushes, cleaning solution, and elbow grease to provide a consistent and thorough cleaning of your vinyl records. They are one of the most effective, durable, and best value cleaning options on the market. We stock Spin Clean Kits that include the cleaning unit, cleaning solution, brushes, and drying cloths, to get you up and running cleaning records in a few minutes.

2. Music Biography

Music biographies are a great way for music lovers to go deep into their favourite bands and artists. We stock a wide range of music biography books from the Beatles, to Springsteen, to the Band. We have both new and previously loved books – but in the age of reuse/reduce/recycle – gifting a used book is one way to give without adding to the crushing weight of capitalist consumption that is slowly killing our planet.

3. Record Art

We stock a very unique collection of locally created vinyl art. These one-of-a-kind pieces are hand-carved out of old records and make an impressive statement in any listening room. Some are even cut on records of the artist or band depicted in the piece. A true one-of-a-kind gift that will be enjoyed for many years.

4. Frames

One of the best parts of collecting vinyl is the sweet cover art we all get to enjoy. Displaying covers on your wall will show the world (or at least those who visit) just how cool and eclectic your listening tastes really are. Have the uncensored UK pressing of Country Life by Roxy Music? Get that up on the wall in our perfectly-sized-for-vinyl picture frames.

5. Millpond Gift Certificate

When all else fails, we sell gift certificates that will allow the vinyl lover in your life to pick up that perfect record that will complete (temporarily of course) some aspect of their collection. It also grants them the opportunity to take some time out of their day to head to the store, browse our selection, chat to our staff, and pick up something they will love. What could be a better gift?


The Shop Hespeler Holiday Challenge

Great news, we are part of an exciting new Hespeler holiday initiative!

Independently owned Hespeler businesses are banding together to give thanks to customers shopping locally this holiday season. With a purchase of $50 or more at participating stores, you will be in entered into a draw for the grand prize. The winner will be drawn December 23rd at noon. Entries are limited to one per store per day.





The participating businesses are:
Millpond Records and Books
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Revive Studio
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Transformation Healing Guidance (retail)
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