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Announcing our Winners!

First of all, I have to say, THANK YOU!  We’re obviously thrilled by the wonderful and creative #MillpondRB7 posts.  Wow. Secondly, I can say, in all honesty, that it was REALLY tough to choose the second-place winners. Thanks again to everyone for participating.

To everyone who’s listed here, your prize will be ready to pick up on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th. 

First prize winner of the $100 gift pack including a $70 gift certificate:

By a landslide, the winner of our first prize was from @severelytooalpaca! Wowzers, the Port Dover Pier is a tricky place to read a book. 😉  Congratulations!

Our runners up, are as follows:

@Eileenc_21 This is picture made me laugh out loud! Love the cigar. Love the lounge chair. Living the dream with the Bottlerocks repress. <3

@daveekuhronic‘s with the cutest photo with the cutest baby shopping at MillpondRB.

  • daveekuhronicOne of my favourite pics of me and my girl, taken by Wendy at their pre-Record Store Day sale in 2016. I look much more comfortable with a baby than Mozzer does @millpondrb #MillpondRB7 







@matt.skw with his awesome purchase pictured in the grass. Thanks for the kind words about the store and Hespeler Village.

And, last but not least, the person with the most creative and largest number of posts… @drumsanddraws! Scroll down to see another post from @Drumsanddraws. Seriously, in a class of his own!  😀

@drumsanddraws also sweetened the pot by bringing us cupcakes. If that isn’t an effective bribe, I don’t know what is.


Win a $500 gift certificate!!!

If you’re an FM listener, you might have stumbled across MillpondRB mentioned on Dave FM. After years of saying no to advertisers, opting instead for the gradual growth of word-of-mouth advertising (thank you to all our helpers, by the way!), we’ve agreed to promote our little shop through the good folks at 107.5 Dave Rocks.

Starting on April 11th, you can win MillpondRB prizes through Dave FM! Each day, there will be a $20 gift certificate to be won with a grand prize of $500! You did NOT read that wrong… yes, five hundred smackeroos to be spent at Millpond Records & Books on anything you want. Wowzers. That’s a lot of records and books!

Oh, and if you just want to listen to our first radio ad, here it is. #ProudRecordStoreOwners 😀

Win a $500 gift certificate for MillpondRB!

Win a $500 shopping spree at MillpondRB!



Win-this-book Contest! #RecordStoreDay

fade-to-black cover So, we’re getting organized for Record Store Day. It’s just around the corner … only a few* days away.  (*See count down clock for actual time to go till RSD in the top right corner of our website.)

Word is from FAB Distribution that we’ll be receiving 40 some odd RSD titles tomorrow (for which I am grateful as this will somewhat cut down my work next week).  You can check our online inventory for new RSD titles by typing RSD2015 into the title field of our online inventory. (As of the writing of this post, there is nothing listed but here’s the link for your convenience. Updates will occur within 24 hours.)

For now, we’ve decided to create a contest for RSD shoppers. For every $50 you spend, you’ll get a ticket to win this gorgeous book by Martin Popoff. Retail value is $35.95 but actual value will be much higher for you as you’ll spend hours pouring through the glossy pages admiring album art by hard rock bands of the classic vinyl age.

Keep your eye on the website for the winning ticket number. Draw will take place at the end of the day on Sunday.

Yes, we’ll be open Sunday, April 19 from 11 am – 4 pm!



Book details:

Fade To Black • Hard Rock Cover Art of The Vinyl Age
by Martin Popoff
ISBN 978 1 4027 7917 9 • Sterling, 2012

New 24″ x 31″ embossed hard cover book; 276 full-colour, glossy pages. Retail price $35.95 CDN.



Good Omens at MillpondRB

Did a black cat cross your path today?  Spill some salt?  See eight crows together? I’m seeing Omens everywhere and it’s not just me.  Everyone’s talking about Kelley Armstrong’s upcoming new book, Omens.

Win an ARC copy of Omens from MillpondRB

Lots of reviews are already popping up on

Stacy: ✮✮✮✮✮ | This is a pretty awesome start to a new series. Great characters, great action, a mysterious town with faerie-like tendencies…what more could you ask for?

Lisa L. : ✮✮✮✮✮ | Well, that was one heck of a ride. What a fast paced, engrossing read.

Definite echoes of the Otherworld series in all the right places with a strong female lead character.  Wondering if there won’t be a certain cross-over to the Otherworld characters at some point: the male lead character has ice-blue eyes after all.

For anyone who has read, and enjoyed Kelley Armstrong’s books, this book is for you.  For those of you who enjoy reading thrillers/fantasies with a dash of romance and have somehow resisted Kelley Armstrong’s charms to this point, this book is also for you.  You, the second group, are incredibly lucky to get to start the Otherworld series from the beginning and read them ALL THE WAY THROUGH with no waits in between books.


Kelley Armstrong is visiting MillpondRB to introduce Omens and sign books! 

Thursday, September 12, 7 pm


Join the Facebook group AND reserve your FREE tickets and to learn about up-to-the-minute news regarding this event.

Not on Facebook? No worries.  Simply reserve your FREE tickets on the Eventbrite site.


One of three copies of OMENS.  Win an ARC (Advance Reading Copy) of Omens. [Bonus: ask Kelley to sign it for you on September 12!]


Simply share this post on ANY social media platform then leave a comment below saying where you’ve shared it.  That’s it.  You’re entered in the draw to win one of three ARCs.  For each separate share, you get another chance to win, so tell us a link for each share.  

Pick-up will be at MillpondRB or we can ship… though you’ll miss visiting our shop & meeting Kelley Armstrong!