About Us

We carry top quality new and vintage vinyl, CDs, cassettes & books. We professionally clean and grade all our vinyl and books. Our website maintains a current inventory of books and vinyl (sorry, cassettes are in-store only!). You can purchase online and pick up in store to save on shipping, or we can ship to you.
Our vinyl specialties are ROCK, ALTERNATIVE, JAZZ, and POP.

The Millpond Team

Colin and Christine own the store. We recently moved to Hespeler after falling in love with the village community. We got into this business because we know how important music and books are in this digital age – and we want to create a place that helps people (re)discover the songs and stories that they love.

We have a two-year-old daughter named Clementine and a new baby on the way, along with a gaggle of fur babies (some of whom are seen in the store from time to time). We are thrilled to continue to build the Millpond vision of a community-oriented shop for quality affordable books and music in Hespeler.

Our amazing team is knowledgeable with very diverse interests.

Mackenzie (generally at the store on weekends)
Mackenzie has been with Millpond since 2013. She is a voracious reader, and is always happy to recommend reads from fiction, classics, sci-fi, fantasy, young adult, history, philosophy and the sciences. She is also an avid music enthusiast and listens to a wide range of genres, with a particular affinity for blues, big band jazz, 70’s prog rock, and heavy metal.

Mark (generally at the store on Thursdays or weekends)
Mark is our most recent addition. He is a long-time customer who we managed to snag for the team. Mark has an expansive knowledge of literature, particularly with the classics, but he also enjoys more current fiction. When it comes to music Mark is a big fan of classic rock and is working on rediscovering his favourites while rebuilding his vinyl collection.

Colin (generally at the store on Fridays)
As a new dad, Colin likes to harken back to the good old days of 90s grunge, alternative, hip-hop, and his later interests in 2000s post-hardcore and indie in an attempt to regain his youth. He has a growing interest in prog of all flavours. The son of a lead singer in a semi-popular psyche band in the late-60s Montreal, Colin grew up listening to stories of rock ‘n roll – and now finally realizes he will never achieve the rock stardom he was destined to. Colin reads too; Dostoyevski and Haruki Murakami are favourites; as is classic science fiction or anything to do with political conspiracies or maps. He’ll usually just recommend either a tool album or little feat.

Christine (generally at the store during the week)
As a new mom and business owner any non-fiction books that are parenting-related or business-related are top of mind, and as a result those sections have been expanding (and will likely continue to) at Millpond. Christine is super passionate about the environment, so she’s also very familiar with the environment section in the store is happy to recommend key reads. She also loves a good heart-felt story, whether it is a biography or fiction novel, anything gripping and emotional. When it comes to music, Christine loves indie-rock/folk, primarily Canadian bands. That’s her jam.

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