Announcing our Winners!

First of all, I have to say, THANK YOU!  We’re obviously thrilled by the wonderful and creative #MillpondRB7 posts.  Wow. Secondly, I can say, in all honesty, that it was REALLY tough to choose the second-place winners. Thanks again to everyone for participating.

To everyone who’s listed here, your prize will be ready to pick up on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th. 

First prize winner of the $100 gift pack including a $70 gift certificate:

By a landslide, the winner of our first prize was from @severelytooalpaca! Wowzers, the Port Dover Pier is a tricky place to read a book. 😉  Congratulations!

Our runners up, are as follows:

@Eileenc_21 This is picture made me laugh out loud! Love the cigar. Love the lounge chair. Living the dream with the Bottlerocks repress. <3

@daveekuhronic‘s with the cutest photo with the cutest baby shopping at MillpondRB.

  • daveekuhronicOne of my favourite pics of me and my girl, taken by Wendy at their pre-Record Store Day sale in 2016. I look much more comfortable with a baby than Mozzer does @millpondrb #MillpondRB7 







@matt.skw with his awesome purchase pictured in the grass. Thanks for the kind words about the store and Hespeler Village.

And, last but not least, the person with the most creative and largest number of posts… @drumsanddraws! Scroll down to see another post from @Drumsanddraws. Seriously, in a class of his own!  😀

@drumsanddraws also sweetened the pot by bringing us cupcakes. If that isn’t an effective bribe, I don’t know what is.