Mid-winter sale!

Announcing our mid-winter sale!

Buy 3 get the 4th FREE!

It sure is cold out but…  hey baby, it’s HOT in here!! 

Buy three items get the fourth FREE!!

Sale includes all NEW records and COLLECTIBLE records (the ones behind the counter) and ALL in-stock new and used books. Sale does not include used vinyl. Lowest priced item(s) will be free.


How can I tell which records are new?

New records have a price ending in 99 cents & they have a NEW sticker on ’em.

What makes a record collectible?

Collectible records are almost always hard-to-find and scarce. A notable exception includes our SEALED copy of Michael Jackson’s Thriller pressed in 1982: the biggest selling album of all time isn’t rare but it’s certainly hard-to-find a copy that is sealed. Collectible records may be short-run unofficial releases, or early pressings from various countries (Japan, England and Germany are popular), or, they might be highly sought-after small releases. All of these records are playable but should be handled carefully as they can be investments with potentially even greater future value.

Why are only in-stock books on sale?

♥ We regularly source rare and out-of-print books from around the world by special request from customers. We bring in these books one at a time and add only a small mark-up to cover our costs. As a result of costs, we keep these books separate from our regular inventory.

How long is the sale?

The sale runs from Tuesday, February 7th till Tuesday, February 14th. (Remember we’re closed Monday).

Why aren’t used records on sale? 

 Because we can’t keep up with the demand of used records as it is. Our used records will continue to be priced at our usual, low prices … and, they sell faster than we can clean ’em!

Does this sale include online purchases?

At this time, you can see our inventory online: the books are listed on Abebooks and the records are listed directly on our website. However, we haven’t figured out a good system for adding discounts to these online purchases. We suggest that you make your shopping lists at home and visit us in-store. Hey, we love to see you in person!!!