NEW! Record cleaning supplies by AM

The beginning

Back in the summer of 1971, Danish teenager, Anders Moesgaard, was assessing the damage to his vinyl collection after one of his older brother’s parties. Unable to find a product that could get the records clean, he transformed his parent’s garage into a lab and started to experiment. The product he developed became AM’s first record cleaner and marks the beginning of close to a half-century of unwavering commitment to clean sound.

I was very focused on producing something that looked polished, so I told my designer that the products had to look so good that they could sit next to Bang & Olufsen or Braun, who at the time were the number one selling audio designers in Denmark. Whatever I did I wanted to match the best products available.
Anders Moesgaard, Founder of AM

Millpond Records & Books is now trying out this attractive product and we invite you to try it with us. We are offering the Record Cleaner, Vinyl Brush, and Stylus Brush for $12.99 each. See below for product descriptions.

When you’ve had a chance to pick up one or more of these items, let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you!

Record cleaner

200ml / $12.99

 200ml non-abrasive and residue-free vinyl cleaning solution. Since 1971. Gently and efficiently removes oil, grime and dirt. Includes lint free cotton cloth.

Vinyl brush


Anti-static, ultra fine carbon fibre brush. Effectively lifts dust, grit and particles to reduce friction without damaging your records.

Stylus cleaner


Non-abrasive stylus cleaning solution and brush applicator. Effectively removes dust, grit and particles worn from stylus tip. Reduces stylus and record wear.