New Release: Greta Van Fleet – Anthem of the Peaceful Army

Much hyped new release from neo classic rockers Greta Van Fleet getting panned or praised depending where you read.

Though their debut album, Anthem of the Peaceful Army, sounds like a bona fide classic rock record—with its fuzzy bass, electric sitar solos, and lyrics featuring the kind of self-actualized transcendence brought on by a few too many multivitamins—it is not actually classic rock. They are a new kind of vampiric band who’s there to catch the runoff of original classic rock using streaming services’ data-driven business model. Greta Van Fleet exist to be swallowed into the algorithm’s churn and rack up plays, of which they already have hundreds of millions. They make music that sounds exactly like Led Zeppelin and demand very little other than forgetting how good Led Zeppelin often were.

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Rolling Stone:
It’s one part Bo Diddley, two parts Motley Crue, and if it fails to be more than the sum of its “woo!”s, it’s still effective, and gets bonus points for the remix with Kesha, who remains the ruling classic rock retro-fetishist, even if she came to role sideways. At least the boys knew enough to put her on a throne in the video.

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Have a listen. We’ll have copies in store this weekend.